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★★COVER RE-REVEAL Ravage MC Series by Ryan Michele ★ Genre: Romantic Suspense MC Romance★★




Title: Ravage Me

Series: Ravage MC #1

Author: Ryan Michele

Genre: Romantic Suspense MC Romance

Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs


Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan
Michele brings a motorcycle club to life in her Ravage MC Series.
always comes at a price—
Harlow aka Princess spent the last two years locked
up for a crime she didn’t commit

has consumed
thoughts vowing payback for those who put her behind bars. Now, she’s out,
going home to her family—the Ravage MC. Retribution
is coming.
Former MarineCruz knows what it means to lose it
all. What this single dad found in the Ravage Motorcycle
 is a home, a family
for him and his son.

He protects them at all costs.
When these
two head strong people meet in the
club’s garage, he’s caught off guard. She’s there on a mission.
Anger and challenge
around them, the push and pull only igniting the flames brighter, hotter.
Princess refuses to give into the lust.
Cruz demands to have her.
Each not giving in to the other. There is no stopping a motorcycle man when he knows what he wants. Not even a strong, independent self-assured woman
can stop him.

Danger threatens everything they
stand for, ripping through what
they’ve each built with the Ravage MC.
Tables are turned and the person who
framed Princess is out for blood.
Not just hers, but those Princess cares

Innocent lives are at stake. One wrong move from either of them means death in the Ravage MC
One they will never come
back from.
It could cost them everything.
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Title: Seduce Me

Series: Ravage MC #2

Author: Ryan Michele

Genre: Romantic Suspense MC Romance

Cover Design: Pink Ink DesignsBlurb

can destroy…
Tragedy strikes the Ravage MC and Casey must return
 to a family she’s never really felt she fit into.

The secret she carries deep inside her is sure to destroy what’s
left of the relationship with the one man she’s loved since
she was a child.

GT rides hard and plays harder. The club is his blood–his
 He breathes for it. He’ll diefor

Causing Casey to leave him was the hardest thing
he’s ever had to do, but it was for the best.

Except when she returns and life goes to hell, she’s the one person
he wants to turn to, but he doesn’t know…

Sometimes the pain is too much to overcome.

Sometimes it consumes a person until there is nothing

Sometimes forgiveness isn’t an option.

Some secrets you never come back from.

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Title: Consume Me

Series: Ravage MC #3

Author: Ryan Michele

Genre: Romantic Suspense MC Romance

Cover Design: Pink Ink DesignsBlurb

The past
is never far from the surface…
Being a stripper at Studio X was never Blaze’s dream, but it
pays the bills and puts food on the table. Having it owned by the Ravage
 is both a blessing and a curse.

She’s worked hard to get where she is to let anything detour her. Not even
the hunk of man who won’t seem to leave her alone. He’s a temptation she
doesn’t need.

Tug is prospecting to become a member of the Ravage MC, doing
everything he can to prove his loyalty to the brothers.

His mind is also set on a sexy brunette whose eyes set him on fire,
even if she keeps pushing him away. Tug loves a challenge—bring it on.

When secrets are revealed, it will be the ultimate test
between the two.

Sometimes the only way to beat the demons back is to look them straight
in the eye

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Title: Inflame Me

Series: Ravage MC #4

Author: Ryan Michele

Genre: Romantic Suspense MC Romance

Cover Design: Pink Ink DesignsBlurb

Age is
but a number…
With no other choice, Tanner must seek out the one person
she’s never met, but gave her half of his DNA. In going to him, her
world opens wide to a life she’d never experienced, the Ravage

Whether she realizes it or not, she just gained an extended family.

Danger lurks in a tall, tatted, older, scary as hell man that
could crush her with one hand. Except, looks can be deceiving. Wolf in
sheep’s clothing they say.

Rhys knows what he wants the instant his eyes land on Tanner
and will stop at nothing to have her.

Even if that means going up against his best friend and brother, her
father. Nothing and no one holds him back. Except
maybe himself.

When push comes to shove, Rhys always shoves back harder, faster, and fiercely.

Survival of the fittest doesn’t apply to Rhys. He will survive with
his woman at his side, or die trying.

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Title: Captivate Me

Series: Ravage MC #5

Author: Ryan Michele

Genre: Romantic Suspense MC Romance

Cover Design: Pink Ink DesignsBlurb

comes at a price.
The Ravage MC is a familyAlways has
been, always will be.

Now it all comes down to this moment: a day of reckoning. After
all, now they know the cause of all the turmoil their lives have become. And
only one thing is on their minds: vengeance.

Unfortunately, sometimes the cost is far greater than one can bear.

Survival of the fittest, just got an entirely different meaning.

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Author Bio
Ryan Michele is the Wall Street
and USA Today
 Bestselling author of over 40
romantic suspense novels. She found her passion bringing fictional characters
to life, being in an imaginative world where anything is possible. Her knack
for the unexpected twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat with
each page. She is best known for her alpha, bad boy bikers and strong,
independent heroines who refuse to back down. When she’s not writing, you can
find her on her swing, watching the water ripple in the pond and daydreaming
about her next book.
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