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Marie James Scooter Available Now

Scooter by Marie James
US | UK | CA | AU
Series: Cerberus MC; Book 11
Genre: MC Romance
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I’m no one’s savior.
I work with the Cerberus MC for the thrills, not for the glory.
Saving people who’ve been trafficked is just a side benefit, coming in second to the adrenaline rush of eradicating some of the evil in the world.
Mia Vazquez didn’t seem to get the memo.
When I pulled her out of Hell, she wouldn’t let go. She literally wrapped her arms around my neck and refused to release me.
I did the only thing I could do; I held her back.
For weeks I stayed by her side, comforting her and assuring her things would eventually get better.
She managed to climb inside of me, and then she took off. 
Mia Vazquez didn’t get the memo.
She’s mine, and letting go of me doesn’t mean I’ll let go of her.



~~ MIchelle’s Review ~~

Scooter (Cerberus MC #11)Scooter by Marie James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my, my, my

I was so freaking excited for this book and it’s more then I expect or ever hoped for. When Mia met Scooter in the previous book my heart absolutely broke for her. And I wondered how the author was going to take this beautiful couple. I can’t say or express how much I loved this story and characters.

Mia is so broken and the way Scooter is so tender with her I was in awe. This man y’all is everything and I do mean everything. She’s strong, protective and so incredibly sweet that he will have your ovaries exploding. If you haven’t met the men of Celebus please give them a chance. You will not regret it!

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