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Captured Series Birthday Extravaganza ★Happy 5 Year Publishing Anniversary ★ Check out the New Look of The Captured Series by Karen Frances★

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Captured Series


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(¸.•´ (¸.• It’s 5 years since Karen Frances released her debut novel Captured my Heart, and to celebrate the 5th publishing anniversary the whole series has been given a new look. Have you meet Libby Stewart and Alexander Mathews yet? If not you are in for a treat with this trilogy.

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Captured my Heart

When Libby Stewart agrees to manage her father’s hotel, she hopes the new job will help get her own life back on track. She’s spent the last few months helping her twin brother, a single father, care for his new baby daughter after the death of his wife.

The arrival of handsome American businessman Alexander Mathews upends Libby’s plans. He’s not the average hotel guest. Arrogant and sexy, he seduces Libby on the night of his arrival.

Libby wants to believe that her relationship with Alex is more than just sex, but his reputation as an international playboy makes her wary. She must decide if her feelings for him are worth taking a risk.

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Captured my Trust

Alex Mathews, a driven New York playboy, unexpectedly falls for beautiful Scottish hotel manager, Libby Stewart. Desperate to see her again, he arranges for her to visit him in New York.

But just as their passionate reunion begins to take flight, Alex’s old friend emerges on the scene, while Libby is pursued by a smooth-talking business rival.

As these new admirers vie for the couple’s affections, can their budding love survive the onslaught? Or will jealousy and insecurity prove too much for the star-crossed lovers to overcome?

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Captured my Soul

From the moment Libby met Alexander, she knew she could easily fall head over heels for the arrogant, sexy American. He not only stole her heart but earned her trust. The only man she has ever truly loved and the only man capable of breaking her heart.

They both want to put their turbulent past firmly behind them and move on. But just when it seems they might get their happily ever after, tragedy strikes, and Libby is left wondering if history is about to repeat itself for the Stewart family.

Can they both find the strength deep within their soul to overcome their current situation?

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