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Release Date: March 24th


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Bully Me Anthology Blurb:

Loving your tormentor isn’t easy, especially when they collect broken hearts and parade them around like trophies. They’re the bad boys, the alpha a**holes, and the thorns in our sides. They push us past our limits, turn us on, and break us.

They’re our bullies.

They’re the class of 2020.

Eight bestselling authors are teaming up to bring you eight unique stories about the guys we love to hate.

This anthology benefits one of the largest anti-bullying organizations in the world, and all proceeds will go toward helping to support victims of bullying.

Shantel Tessier

Callie Hart

CoraLee June

Siobhan Davis

Kaydence Snow

K Webster

C.M. Stunich

Sam Mariano














~🔥~ Michelle’s review ~🔥~

Bully Me: Class of 2020Bully Me: Class of 2020 by Shantel Tessier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review for Charlie by Siobhan Davis


Five stars!

Oh Charlie…. how I hated you, how you mad me so completely mad prior to this read. I thought you were selfish, crazy and honestly I wanted to slap you. Now, after getting your story, now that I understand you more….. I am totally in love with you.

This is one of those feels books. You know the ones. The ones where you experience all those crazy feelings. I went from mad, sad, my heart hurt and in the end, happy. I really enjoyed Charlie’s book and I’ve loved this series. This can be a standalone but why limit yourself, it’s really a great series with wonderful characters.

Review for Prequel to The Boy on the Bridge by Sam Mariano


Five Stars!

Ooooo this is good. Just enough of a taste to get us ready for The Boy on the Bridge. We are introduced to Hunter and Riley. Who are both great characters, who are going to give us an outstanding bully story. We get the back story and this gets us prepared. It left me sitting on the edge of my seat wanting more. Can’t wait!

Review for Like You Care by Kadence Snow


This is what I love about anthologies, you are introduced to great authors that you may have not found another way. This is my first read by Snow and even though it’s a introduction to the book, it was enough to pull me in. This isn’t the typical bully read where the guy bullies the girl. No, this is a great example of what a lot of our teenage girls are going through in general and I love that this author is addressing it. Can’t wait to read the rest.

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