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NOW LIVE!!! The Fallout by Author W.S. Greer is available now!!!


NOW LIVE!!! The Fallout by Author W.S. Greer is available now!!!
“Wow, I can’t explain how much I am loving these books… a refreshing take on romance novels and very unique” – Goodreads reviewer
“These books are very clever and diverse… a great read and a huge recommendation from me” – Amazon reviewer
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What happens after a bomb detonates? The action happens, and everything is destroyed. The world is shattered. Splinters fly everywhere. Lives are wrecked. Time stops, and the only thing that matters is survival.
But how do you come back from the ruins? How do you manage when everything has been wiped away, and replaced by carnage? How do you return from annihilation?
When you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, an affair is a bomb. When it explodes, it causes just as much damage as any missile. It hurts as much as any bullet. Anyone within the vicinity of its destruction can become collateral damage, and it takes a remarkable kind of love to mend the wounds. Eli and Demi Lane have to heal from the damage caused by Eli’s breach of trust, but the devastation may be too much to come back from.
While Eli and Demi try to recover, their therapist, Dr. Malcolm Colson, learns that the effects of his own detonation will be far more than he ever bargained for.
#1 The Therapist
#2 Shameless
#4 Toxic – releasing September 1

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