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★COVER REVEAL- MY SAVAGE by Ellie Jean★ The 4th book in The Savage Shadows Series, Ocean’s story is coming soon.★

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The 4th book in The Savage Shadows Series, Ocean’s story is coming soon. To celebrate with me, visit my page and enter there to win a $25 Amazon e-gift card.
Bluebell Kearney
Alone, numb, a workaholic but content.
It’s how it has to be.
Family did this to me. 
They don’t exist in my world anymore.
But I’m not complaining, my life is full of color and brightness.
A far cry from my childhood.
Freed from my past, I thought.
It came hurtling back at me.
In the blink of an eye, my life flipped.
A Savage took me.
Ocean Hunt.
Loud, brash and brutally sexy.
A killer, tormentor but somehow familiar.
Polar opposites but our connection is undeniable.
He calms and protects me until our families collide.
There can be no turning back.
I pray our souls are thicker than blood?
Ocean Hunt
Dangerous, exhilarating, commanding.
Life is exactly how I want it.
Craving power, destruction and torment, I’m unsure how I can fit into the business of being lawful.
Times are changing.
Can I change who I am?
Ultimately, do I want to?
A split second is all it took.
Bluebell Kearney.
Quiet, fractured, alluring and perfect.
Her fear, gentleness and innocence pulled me toward her.
Instantly magnetized, there’s a bond which I can’t explain.
Bluebell’s my sole reason to want to change.
The Savages are my family.
Blood relatives were our world, until we were torn, ripped and shredded to pieces by them.
Tiny inward roads have been made but how can I put Bluebell back together, when I’m beyond repair?
And will she want to be a part of us when death surrounds her?