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🍒NEW RELEASE 🍒 Progress the right way! Jahmella Robinson’s “Fruits at Work” is now #live!🍒

Author: Jahmella Robinson
Title: Fruits at Work
Genre: Non-Fiction (Self-help; Christian Motivational; Professional Growth)
Publisher: Jahmella Encourages

Are you determined to progress at work? Are you proud of the way you treat your work colleagues?

Fruits At Work encourages readers to reflect on their professional conduct. Readers are invited to perform a self-examination against ten characteristics: love, peace, joy, self-control, kindness, long-suffering, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness as well as forgiveness.
Author Jahmella Robinson is keen to support professionals to overcome barriers to their career progression. With Biblical wisdom and comforting prayers, this book promotes the right way to progress at work.

This book will focus on the nine characteristics, namely love, peace, joy, self-control, kindness, long-suffering, goodness, gentleness, and faithfulness, as well as an additional characteristic that’s forgiveness. This book will discuss how to apply these characteristics in the workplace. I reckon you’re now wondering, why just the workplace? Well, because it’s about time we start progressing the right way in the workplace.

Tell me, have you been side-lined year after year for promotion? Do you have your eyes on an office room? Are you tired of that dream failing to materialise? There are many instances in which individuals have been held back professionally due to no fault of their own. However, there are also times when the professional progression of brilliant individuals is halted due to existing character blind spots. Self-awareness is key.
This book aims to support you, the reader, to put your best foot forward in the workplace. Will you join me on this journey to explore how to demonstrate good fruit at work? Will you commit to progress the right way?

Jahmella Robinson is a multi-published British author, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, the Founder of Jahmella Encourages, a Certified Mentor, and a Change Management Practitioner. Jahmella has a degree in economics from Sussex University, and she has been working within financial services for almost a decade. Jahmella has written many encouraging and motivational articles over the years and has been featured on international blogs. Her passion lies in sharing life lessons and insights to encourage and build up others.


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