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PRE-ORDER!!! Like You Should: A Student Teacher Romance by Kaydence Snow releases March 19!!! Catch up on the Devilbend Dynasty series now before the release of book 3!!!

PRE-ORDER!!! Like You Should: A Student Teacher Romance by Kaydence Snow releases March 19!!! Catch up on the Devilbend Dynasty series now before the release of book 3!!!
“This series just keeps getting better and better! …Can’t wait for the next book. I’m obsessed with Devilbend Dynasty!” – Mandy’s Book Reviews
“Kaydence Snow absolutely knows how to bring the angst in her stories! She is also a master at bringing out all the feels and creating such relatable characters. I am loving this series of books” – Amazon reviewer
“Devilbend Dynasty is turning out to be an incredible series and I can’t wait to read the rest of them.” – Amazon reviewer
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Like You Care (Devilbend Dynasty Book 1)
Available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
I am nothing.
I’d rather be invisible than deal with what happens on the days my classmates decide to acknowledge my existence.
But then Turner Hall shows up – all cool confidence and witty banter – and all of a sudden I don’t want to be invisible any more. I want to be seen.
I want him to see me.
I’m not who he thinks I am but I’m starting to suspect he’s not all he says he is either.
Just my luck that he starts to make friends with my tormentors. How am I supposed to tell him who I really am? How am I supposed to show him my true face? What if the boy I’m falling in love with decides I’m nothing too?
Like You Hurt (Devilbend Dynasty Book 2)
Available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
What kind of idiot gets on my bad side on his first day at my school? Hendrix Hawthorn is arrogant, cocky, infuriatingly attractive and clearly doesn’t realise I can make his life hell.
Which is exactly what I intend to do… until he shows up in the one place no one knows I go to – the one place that makes me feel alive. Now my reputation is in his hands, but I’ll be damned if I go down without a fight.
What kind of spoiled brat thinks I’ll just fall at her feet like the rest of these jerks? Donna Mead is a manipulative mean-girl and I don’t want anything to do with her or her friends.
It’s bad enough I have to finish senior year at Fulton Academy – exactly the kind of place where I made the single biggest mistake of my life. I just want to keep my head down, get decent grades… until she shows up where she doesn’t belong. Now I can’t seem to stop myself from trying to prevent Donna from ruining her life like I did.
Like You Should (Devilbend Dynasty Book 3)
Releasing March 19! Pre-order now:
My life is a mess.
No plans for the future, constantly disappointing everyone, and now some creep is threatening me, making me do reprehensible things.
Oh! And a teacher is somehow involved too. Easton Monroe is strict, aloof, and not at all what everyone at school thinks he is. The more I dig beneath his neat shirts and disapproving frowns, the more I catch feelings for the complicated man.
I have to figure him out – before we do something we’ll both regret.
My life is a lie.
In a job I can’t stand, alone and miserable, the anonymous psycho blackmailing me is the only person I speak to regularly.
In case I didn’t have enough to stress about, a student is being targeted by the same psycho. Harlow Mead is stubborn, brave and so much more than she lets people see. She’s determined to fight and more beguiling the more I get to know her.
I have to get us out of this deadly situation – before I ruin us both.
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★★★ NEW RELEASE★★★ Exciting news, book lovers! Leave Him Loved by @authorharloerae just released on audio. Listen to this swoony small town romance today! 

Exciting news, book lovers!
Leave Him Loved by @authorharloerae just released on audio. Listen to this swoony small town romance today! 
Also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Audiobook >
eBook >

Narrators: Lance Greenfield & Samantha Brentmoor

I’m a city girl—born and raised. 
My plans for the future include a towering high-rise that overlooks the hustle and bustle. 
Living in farm country? That possibility never had a place on my bucket list. 

Until now.

Enter Reeve Colton—local bachelor and the polar opposite of what usually attracts me. 
Bumping into him on my introductory stroll down Main Street is a warm welcome I wasn’t expecting.
Maybe this temporary relocation is a blessing in disguise.
And that’s only the beginning. 

It turns out Reeve and I have more in common than our mutual appreciation for good barbecue. 
Striking a bargain with him is a no-brainer.
Keeping the lines between us from blurring is another matter entirely.

What starts as a bit of fun becomes complicated in a hurry. 
Reeve is charming in ways I’m not prepared to resist.
But that won’t change the inevitable.
When my contract is done, I’ll be leaving him—and Bampton Valley—behind.

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★★★ SALE ALERT ★★★ SMITTEN by @laurenrowebooks is on SALE for just 99¢ for a LIMITED TIME!!! 

★★★ SALE ALERT ★★★
SMITTEN by @laurenrowebooks is on SALE for just 99¢ for a LIMITED TIME!!! 

FREE in KU! 
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
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Amazon AU:

I met Alessandra at a party. Tried to impress her. Was almost positive I was going to fail.

I think I said something along the lines of, “I’m a Goat called Fish who’s hung like a bull—but not really. I’m actually pretty average.” Smooth. I know. Try not to be jealous.

When she laughed—and I mean, really laughed—I knew she wasn’t like the other girls I’d been meeting on tour. Hell, she wasn’t even in the same stratosphere as those fangirls and gold-diggers.

At one point during the party, Alessandra said, “There’s nothing like a girl’s first love.” I knew she was talking about the first smash hit by my band, 22 Goats. Alessandra said it was the first song she’d heard by us and it “hit her like a ton of bricks.” Ironic, seeing as how I was having the same reaction from being in her presence.

I made it my mission to impress her. Give her the kiss of a lifetime that night. But since I’ve always been the dude with zero game, nothing went according to plan.

I’m not giving up, though. I’m going to win this girl over. I’m done sitting on the sidelines, watching the bad boy getting the girl. This time, the nice guy will finish first. Even if it’s the last thing he’ll do.

Smitten is an all-new standalone friends to lovers romance!

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★★★AVAILABLE NOW! ★★★ The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match by Nina Crespo is LIVE!

The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match by Nina Crespo is LIVE!

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A sweet charade takes an unexpected turn!

Dearly beloved, we are (not) gathered together…Maid of honor Zurie Tillbridge has been working secretly with best man Mace Calderone to plan her cousin Tristan’s wedding to a well-known actress. To keep their wedding plans from leaking to the press, Zurie and Mace must pretend they are the ones getting married. Cake tasting and flower arranging seem like harmless fun…until wary workaholic Zurie realizes she’s feeling something real for her fake fiancé…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Tillbridge Stables

Book 1: The Cowboy’s Claim

Book 2: Her Sweet Temptation

Book 3: The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match

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🏈Release Blitz: Kiss Me First by Anna B. Doe🏈

𝐁𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐰𝐨𝐨𝐝, 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐁𝐥𝐮𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐭.

Kiss Me First, a Blairwood University prequel by Anna B. Doe is LIVE! $2.99 for a limited time or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! ➜

Kiss Me First is a mature YA, coming-of-age sports romance about Blairwood’s favorite charmer Emmett Santiago and his high school sweetheart Kate.

Cover Design: Qamber Designs & Media
Cover Photo: Lindee Robinson Photography

Katherine Adams never thought she’d end up in a small town in Texas, but when things start to go south, it’s the perfect place to escape to.

Emmett Santiago, Bluebonnet’s golden boy, never imagined he’d fall so quickly, but one glance at Kate and he’s a goner.

Moving in with Katherine’s aunt her junior year of high school is the safest choice for her sister, and Katherine plans to do everything she can to make Bluebonnet their home. That most definitely doesn’t include flirting with a certain boy, no matter how charming his smile is.

Katherine might not believe in love, but Emmett is determined to win her over. When the sparks start to fly, who’ll be the one to make the first move?

About Kiss Me First:
💛 insta-attraction
🏈 small-town romance
💛 high school romance
🏈 coming of age
💛 sports romance
🏈 FULL length story

$2.99 for a limited time or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

New to the series? You can start reading today!
Blairwood University series is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
Kiss To Conquer ➜
Kiss To Forget ➜

Enter a $50 Amazon GC giveaway! ➜

Anna B. Doe is a young adult and new adult contemporary romance author. She writes real-life romance that is equal parts sweet and sexy. She’s a coffee and chocolate addict. Like her characters, she loves those two things dark, sweet and with little extra spice.
When she’s not working for a living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books or binge-watching TV shows. Originally from Croatia, she is always planning her next trip because wanderlust is in her blood.
She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.


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NOW LIVE!!! Sins or Secrets by Khardine Gray is available now!!!

NOW LIVE!!! Sins or Secrets by Khardine Gray is available now!!!
“5 PHENOMENAL STARS!! This book was an emotional journey that I will never forget and I could not put down… you will be addicted from the beginning to the last word.” – Goodreads reviewer
“I don’t have the words to say how amazing this book was… This has all the feels, heart wrenching moments, so much steam, and genuine heart-warming moments as well.” – Amazon reviewer
Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩
There’s a lot to know about me.
I could start with my sins or my secrets.
But they are one and the same: I’m a liar.
Ten years ago, I left Logan.
My lies destroyed us.
But… what he didn’t know was I lied because I had to.
It was the only way to protect him from my father’s cruel hand.
That last goodbye was supposed to be forever.
I left town and never expected to see him again.
Then Aunt Lily died, and I returned home.
Not knowing her will would open Pandora’s box.
Her will threw me right back in Logan’s path, and back in his bed.
But he’s not the boy I left behind.
He’s the irresistible, tempting ex-marine women put on their wish list.
And our attraction is incinerating.
All consuming.
And, unlike the past, there’s no one standing in our way.
There’s nothing to stop us.
Except me.
The residue of my sins and secrets arise demanding repayment.
And they might destroy us all over again.
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⚾RELEASE BLITZ w/Review⚾ Check Swing by Carrie Aarons⚾


Check Swing is now live! The next Callahan Family book is here, and it’s a sports romance with a surprise baby twist!

This steamy love story brings us back to the world of a small Pennsylvania town that houses a professional baseball team, which has been run by the same family for generations. After being struck by scandal, they’re closing ranks. Drama, romance, familial bonds, sports – this series has it ALL.



Sinclair Callahan is a trust fund baby.

Born into one of the richest, most notorious families in the country, the black sheep title was stamped on him from an early age. While the rest of his relatives earn their keep at the top tier baseball team they’ve owned for generations, Sin prefers spending his time and money on booze, babes and bad decisions.

Until all three land him in a coma, fighting for his life.

One year later, with a sober chip in his hand, he arrives at spring training ready to turn it all around. But when he meets the only woman who doesn’t recognize just who he is, he can’t help omitting a few important details … like his last name. No stranger to charming women, Sin uses one of his old skillsets to kick off what is sure to be an epic hookup.

But when she shows up five months after their brief Florida fling with a secret that will topple his privileged world, he might just lose everything he’s worked so hard to rebuild. Including a real shot at love with the sassy redhead that he’s been too much of a coward to pursue.

Can he shoulder the responsibility he’s always shrugged off? Or will he balk at the real-life complications and strike out completely?

Francesca Kade is an independent goal-getter.

As one of the only female strength coaches in the league, she’s used to invading the boys’ club. After putting up with being passed over and not promoted for a number of seasons, she’s finally got her shot.

A consummate professional with blinders on, there is no way anything will screw up all she hopes to achieve. Well, except for maybe the new employee with eyes the color of ocean waves and a smirk that’s the definition of sin. When they catch fire in the southern heat, it’s almost impossible to put it out.

Until she finds out that he’s her boss’s boss’s boss.

Burned from the betrayal and panicking with a fresh secret of her own, Frankie is shocked when she lands her ultimate dream job. There is no way she’s turning it down. But when she bumps into Sinclair on day one, all of the old feelings and new problems come hurtling at her like a baseball to the face.

Will she ever be able to trust that he’ll put both her and his responsibilities before his vices? Or will their differences cost them the game?


~⚾~ Michelle’s Review ~⚾~

Check Swing  (Callahan Family, #3)Check Swing by Carrie Aarons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So happy for Sin!

What a great read. One of my favorite things is strong female characters and that’s just what Frankie is. She’s tough, smart and a hard worker. Exactly what Sin hasn’t been. But now that he’s sober, he’s finally starting to learn to live.
These two are perfect for each other. They balance each other out and both have their demons. I really enjoyed the story and the chemistry these two have. I feel in love with these two and can’t get enough of the Callahan’s.

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💐Cover Reveal💐 MY VEGAS GROOM by Piper Rayne💐

Release Date: May 18

The title speaks for itself but just in case, My Vegas Groom is an Accidental Marriage in Vegas love story in their brand new small town family series, The Greene Family.

In this case, what happens in Vegas just might show up in their small town. 

Pre-Order Your Copy Here!

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Meet Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. 

Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have “Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle” (okay…you caught us, that’s our tagline). 

A little about us… 
We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. 
We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. 
We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. 

Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

Connect with Piper Rayne
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