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★Release Blitz★Poison Ivy by Maggie Kay★

★Release Blitz★

Poison Ivy by Maggie Kay

TITLE: Poison Ivy by Maggie Kay SERIES: Echoes of the Underworld Book #4 (Standalone) GENRE: Dark Mafia Romance RELEASE DATE: 27th April 2022


I was born into riches and quickly tossed into rags. Betrayed by my own blood, my life shifted into an endless nightmare. Every breath is a struggle to survive.

As time passed, my cage became my weapon and my innocence became my strength, until the day I was sold to the highest bidder.

I always thought there were good people, and then there were bad. However, recently, life taught me that there was a very fine line between someone’s light and dark side.

Elijah Jackson, my caretaker and the one paid to train me into the ultimate cage fighter, became my ally. Yet the kindness and warmth he offered only acts as a cloak to the monster within. Love was powerful, but was it enough to change someone?

I’d been fighting my whole life, and when the time came, would Elijah fight for me, or would he send me to my end?

Vengeance ran through my veins. Every day I trained to become stronger, more focussed, and ready for the biggest battle of my life.

I am Ivana Dobrev. I am Poison Ivy.



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