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Release Blitz + Review Harley by Marie James #newrelease #mariejames


 Release Date: May 5

They say misery loves company, but after losing the love of my life all I wanted was to be completely alone.
Having a young daughter made that impossible.
I couldn’t curl into myself.
I couldn’t spend hours in the dark living in regret.
I couldn’t end it all no matter how many times that thought crossed my mind.
Regretfully, I couldn’t go through life on my own.
I needed help, and although my teammates were there to lend a helping hand, I still needed more than they could offer.
Alyssa Dansby suffered more than any woman ever should.
She came to the Cerberus clubhouse to heal, working in the clubhouse’s nursery.
She was a godsend for my daughter Aria.
She was trouble for me.
I shouldn’t be thinking about the woman caring for my child so soon after my wife’s death.
We were both looking for our new normal.
I never imagined mine would include her.

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Michelle’s review


Get ready for the tears

This! This is a book that brings things into perspective. Life, death, love and despair. Harley lost his wife unexpectedly in the last book and if you read it you definitely cried but this book. Oh my. Is about healing. My heart goes out to this man and the woman who grabs his attention and helps him heal.

Y’all. I admit. This one got to me. I want to grab these two and hug them. So tight and not let go. I love this series and this is another example of how the author gives us just what we need. Loved it.


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