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★ ★ ★ HOT FREEBIE ALERT! ★ ★ ★Titan, must-read dark romance from bestselling author Shantel Tessier is FREE for a limited time only!

★ ★ ★ HOT FREEBIE ALERT! ★ ★ ★
“Dark, gritty, and steamy, with a perfect blend of romance and angst.” –Siobhan Davis, USA Today bestselling author
Titan, must-read dark romance from bestselling author Shantel Tessier is FREE for a limited time only!
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I know I have a black soul. Bloodshed and danger are what I live for.
A King is supposed to rule his Kingdom using any means necessary to demand respect.
I’m not a weak man… A King kneels to no one.
I’ve only ever cared about one other person in my life, but the thing is, she never belonged to me. And before I could tell her how I felt, she left.
Now she’s returned, needing someone to save her.
Emilee York was always meant to be mine, and I’ll see to it that happens. I always get what I want, even if that means I have to take it.
And she’s no different. She’ll be my queen, one way or the other.
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🚨🚨𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐁𝐈𝐄 𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐑𝐓🚨🚨 Dissipate (Back to Me Series #1) by Brittany Taylor is 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄

Title: Dissipate 

Series: Back to Me Series #1
Author: Brittany Taylor
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 3, 2019
I’ve lived the perfect life.

As if it couldn’t get any better, I’m about to graduate from Brown University, all with my flawless, hot as hell girlfriend by my side.

I’d say I’m lucky to have Lena, but really, she’s lucky to have me. I would do anything to keep her by my side.


Because as everyone knows, Julian Price hates to lose.


Back to Me

Amazon US:

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Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

Brittany Taylor grew up all over the world including places such as California, England and Texas. Her love of reading started at a young age. Finally deciding to fulfill her lifelong dream, she took the plunge into the writing world and published her first book when she was twenty-eight. Today she resides in Connecticut with her husband, two sons, two cats and one dog.

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NEW & FREE!!! Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Autumn Grey is available now and it’s FREE!!!

NEW & FREE!!! Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Autumn Grey is available now and it’s FREE!!!
‘Tis the season to be jolly. Alexis Foster is not about to let her boss, Griffith Ford, burst her bubble of holiday cheer. Life would be much easier if she didn’t have a crush on him, and his scowls and glowers didn’t make her weak in the knees and her heart race.
Once Upon A Christmas Eve is an opposites attract office romance short story filled with swoonworthy moments.
Download your copy now: 
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🎉Secret project announcement🎉 All I Want For Christmas Is YOU

It’s the season for gift giving! 

Six FREE standalone holiday short stories!

Lights Out Love by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Cole is utterly annoyed by his neighbor Josie’s obnoxious Christmas display. When she blows out power on the street, he marches over and lets her know what he thinks of the mess she’s made.  But when the only generator in town brings the two nemeses together…the Christmas display isn’t the only thing burning bright.

The Forbidden Christmas Gift by Samantha Young

It’s Christmas at Shaw’s Department store in Edinburgh! Reid Shaw should feel nothing but gratified by his success. But he’s not satisfied because the sexy Scot wants forbidden fruit for Christmas: Evan Munro. Reid’s Evan’s boss. He’s thirteen years older than her.

Oh … and she’s his best friend’s little sister.


Christmas Magic by Aurora Rose Reynolds

A broken down truck, twelve Christmas trees, and a little holiday magic help, Milly Hendricks and Tyler Speeds find theirhappily ever after.


Ho Ho Holy Hotness by Lani Lynn Vale

Ho ho holy hotness—those were the first words out of Nola’s mouth the first time she saw Soren walk up the length of her driveway. Soren the delivery guy who also happened to be an emergency room doctor, have abs of steel, and delivered a mean package. She knew he was the one from the moment that he gave her his candy cane.


Alaskan Jack by TL Swan

Holly’s having a bad day. A missed plane, an unexpected road trip, and the storm of all storms. When a mountain man comes to her rescue, taking refuge in his cabin is her only choice. Into the wild just took on a whole new meaning.


The Christmas Letter by Natasha Madison

Writing my boss a Christmas letter declaring my love for him was not my finest moment.

Neither was accidentally mixing it with his files before handing it to him.

Now I have to sneak back into his office at night to get it back.

What can go wrong?


Cover designer:  Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative

Grab your free copy today, before it goes away!  

Available for only a limited time!

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★Big Ben by Nana Malone is available now for FREE!★


But like a thief in the night, she stole my soul even if she wasn’t mine to possess.
Big Ben by Nana Malone is available now for FREE!
Download your copy today:
Amazon Worldwide:
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★ ★ ★ STEAL OF A DEAL FREEBIE! ★ ★ ★ ★Do You Want Me by Willow Winters★


Do You Want Me, the epic, all-consuming first in a sizzling hot series that will leave you breathless by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Willow Winters, is FREE for a limited time only!
Read for FREE today!
Available in Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Worldwide:
Some love stories are a slow burn. Others are quick to ignite, scorching and branding your very soul before you’ve taken that first breath. You’re never given a chance to run from it.
That’s how I’d describe what happened to us.
Everything around me blurred and all that existed were his lips, his touch…
The chase and the heat between us became addictive.
Our nights together were a distraction, one we craved to the point of letting the world crumble around us.
We should have paid more attention; we should have known that it would come to this.
We both knew it couldn’t last, but that didn’t change what we desired most.
All we wanted was each other…
“The emotions Willow evokes in this are on another level. This small glimpse into the world of Marcus is thrilling, chilling, a little bit sweet and a whole lot of just wow. You won’t want to miss this one.” – Ky Reads Romance
This is part one of an epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love.
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★•*❃*•★ FREE ★•*❃*•★ March 27th – April 5th Alace Sweets by MariaLisa deMora Released: Jan. 9, 2018 Genre: Dark romantic suspense



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From 27th March – 5th April, 

Alace Sweets is FREE!!!



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your copy NOW!


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Revenge really IS sweet. ~Alace Sweets.


A dark thriller, this book is not a light read.

Filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense, this intense story commands the

reader’s attention as it drives towards the explosive ending. Alace Sweets is a

vigilante serial killer, with everything that implies and is sure to trip all

your triggers. Be ready.


At seventeen, Alace Sweets turned a corner in

her life, taking the wrong shortcut home from school.


Resisting the harsh knowledge her attackers will

never be made to pay for their actions, Alace takes a stand. Justice must be

served, and if fate’s scales are out of balance, she’s determined to set things

right as best she can.


When the laws of men fail, the rules of Alace







Others are Saying


“This book sucked me in and kept me reading straight through to the end.” –

Manda Mellett, Goodreads review


WOW, I loved this book. So much. So buy it, read it. Seriously, go right

now.” – Jesse Roth, Goodreads review


“I loved reading Alace’s story. It’s heartbreaking, brutal but sweet and loving

all rolled into one tiny body.” – Raychel, United Indie Book Blog


“A very intense story with lots of twist and turns and shocking details. A must

read for all those dark, gritty romance fans out there.” – Paula, Sweet

& Spicy Reads







From Chapter Two


Alace Sweets

“Is everything okay?”

She crossed the distance between them and leaned in so Nate could kiss her

forehead, something she’d noted he liked doing. She let him wrap an arm around

her shoulders, drawing her close to his side before he turned so they faced Ike.


“Nothing to worry about,

baby girl.” Nate’s voice dropped into the lower registers, and she shivered at

a sudden memory. That was how he’d sounded just before he buried his face

between her legs last night, finding that delicate balance of aggressive

licking and kissing, and a fragile tenderness that had been missing from her

life for a long time. I’ll miss you, big guy.




“Hey, Ike.” She

offered a little wave with the hand not currently tucked into Nate’s back

pocket. From the outside, it probably looked like they were a longtime couple,

only Nate would know that before last night all he’d gotten access to were her

forehead and fingers. She’d gently rebuffed all his overtures while keeping the

door open for use when it mattered most. Like last night, she thought, keeping

the smile on her face small. “What’s up?”



“Hey, Pauline. Sorry to

bother you and Nate.” Ike gestured towards the front room, and Nate led her

towards the couch there. “I got some bad news, honey.” Tipping her head to one

side, she settled next to Nate, letting him hold her close. She rested one palm

on his thick thigh, allowing her fingers to curve possessively around it. “Alan

Trueward, how well did…do you know him?”



Well, hell. They found

him already.


She carefully didn’t let

any of her thoughts show on her face. Stoicism was something she had long

practiced, really since her first breath, if she were honest. All through her youth

growing up in that tiny town, she’d had to hide everything inside her. All the

pain and anger, the fear and loss. Getting out of bed in the morning meant

sliding that particular mask into place, and she was so good at it now it was

first nature, bypassing that second nature bullshit normal people lived with.


“Decent guy, he takes

care of the girls.” She purposely let her smile broaden slightly. “He and

April—” Alace tipped her head so she was grinning up at Nate. “—are quite the

item.” Fraternization between employees at the club was frowned on, but Nate

hadn’t told them to stop, which meant he probably didn’t know the reason behind

it in the first place. Alace did. Alan was the entire reason she was in town,

after all. Regg had sussed him out nearly two years ago, and she’d started

laying plans. It’s what she did these days.


“Did you see Alan last




Boy did I ever! I saw

him on his knees calling out to a god who didn’t give one shit that the man was

about to die.

Just like Alan didn’t give one shit about those little girls he liked to rub

off on when he was a teacher. Just like that judge didn’t give a shit about

those little girls, giving Alan a commuted sentence because he “had such future

contributions to give to society” and ignored his existing contributions to

eleven little girls’ nightmares. Eleven future husbands who would have their

hands full considering the woman made for them had been so abused. Alace firmly

believed that every person had their one true love, and she just as firmly

believed that Alan Trueward did not exist in that column for any woman, or man.

God couldn’t be that cruel.



Yeah, I saw him. Saw him

kneel. Saw him fall. Kicked dirt over his blood and shoveled it into the well

after him. Saw the blade rise and fall, a glittering promise in every stroke

seeing that taking Alan’s life was actually giving him peace, too. I promised

him he’d never feel those urges again. His voice begging, pleading loudly, “I’m

sick. I know. It’s a sickness.” He was sick, all right. Sick to death.




© 2017. MariaLisa deMora. All Rights Reserved.











Seeking Worthy Pursuits

Alace Sweets, Book #2

April 13, 2020


Pre-Order your copy today!















 Also by MariaLisa deMora

For information on MariaLisa’s other series please check out her website at:





Author Bio

Raised in

the south, Wall Street Journal & USA TODAY bestselling author MariaLisa

deMora learned about the magic of books at an early age. Every summer, she

would spend hours in the local library, devouring books of every genre.

Self-described as a book-a-holic, she says “I’ve always loved to read, but

then I discovered writing, and found I adored that, too. For reading…if

nothing else is available, I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal



A member

of Romance Writers of America, deMora has

penned a variety of stories, with five established series that include

motorcycle romance, veteran repatriation, and time travel, as well as a

romantic standalone, dark suspense, and a legal thriller. Her website is filled

with links and information, as well as extras like character interviews,

playlists, poetry, and trailer videos!




Her short

bio reads, “Plate-spinner / cat herder at work; totally geeked author;

single mom in the thick of autism at home; hockey freak; wanna-be hiker;

usta-be/on-again EQ gamer.”



Connect with MariaLisa





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Love In The Dark, an all-new boxed set featuring fan-favorite novels from twelve bestselling authors is available now and FREE! Download your copy FREE today!

thumbnail_LITD - AN

Love In The Dark, an all-new boxed set featuring fan-favorite
novels from twelve bestselling authors is available now and FREE!
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TWELVE steamy books from bestselling authors fill this limited-time Valentine’s boxed set! If you love
alpha heroes and sexy romance, this one’s for you…
Overture by Skye Warren
The Negotiator by Avery Flynn
Driven by K Bromberg
Her Defiant Heart by Monica Murphy
The Proposition by Katie Ashley
The Playboy by J.S. Cooper
Begin With Me by Claudia Burgoa
Sweet by Skye Warren
Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh
Honey by Terri E. Laine
Temptation by K.M. Scott
Wild Ride by Jayne Rylon
Author’s Note: LOVE IN THE DARK is a brand new boxed set for the season as a gift to our readers and
to introduce you to new series to love!
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★Check out this FREE AND EXCLUSIVE sweet YA LGBT + romance ★ Off Course by Jamie Deacon★

A huge thank you to for allowing me to stop by today to share a little about my new Boys on the Brink short story, availableFREE AND EXCLUSIVE to everyone who signs up to my newsletter! Off Course is a sweet YA LGBT+ romance centred on Jason and Taz, rivals on their county cross country team, and can be downloaded by subscribing here.

I hope you have as much fun reading my story as I had writing it, and I look forward to welcoming you to my quarterly newsletter, where I share reading recommendations, updates on my writing, and anything else I think might be of interest to my readers, including the occasional cute dog photo!

About the Story



Available free and exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

He should never have gone running that afternoon—not with the roads so treacherous, and certainly not without checking his phone was charged. Then again, if there’s one thing seventeen-year-old Jason Connor is famous for, besides being the star of his cross country team, it’s his impulsiveness. So, when an injured ankle leaves him stranded in the woods with no means of calling for aid, it isn’t the first time a rash decision has led him into trouble.

As dusk approaches, Jason believes his situation can’t get any worse…until rescue arrives in the form of Tarek Bahrani—beautiful, infuriating, and the very last person Jason would choose to find him sprawled in the mud. The two have been enemies since clashing at the Brookshire County Championships, but while Taz is a constant reminder of Jason’s biggest mistake, he might just be the only one who can help him put things right.

Sign up here to get your free copy!


My head snaps up and I strain my ears to listen. Footsteps. Not the hurried, uneven footsteps of someone fleeing a pursuer, but the measured pace of a serious jogger. My heart high-jumps into my throat, then drops in an ungainly tumble to my stomach. God, not him. Please let it be anyone else but him.

Even as the prayer forms in my mind, I know it’s hopeless. I grind my teeth, frustrated at my own impotence, and watch for the figure to come into view. There’s only one person around here dedicated enough to be out running with the clouds about to burst, and it also happens to be the last person in the world I’d choose to find me on my backside in the mud.

Catching sight of me, he slows to a halt a few paces away. He brushes the dark curls off his sweaty forehead and raises an eyebrow. “Jason Connor. Fancy meeting you here.”

I glare up at him, summoning all the venom I can muster whilst in a crumpled heap on the ground. Christ, of all the residents of Oakmere who might have stumbled across me, why did it have to be him? Tarek Bloody Bahrani. Beautiful, infuriating Taz. My nemesis. The one boy who has seen me at my worst.

About Jamie Deacon

Author Bio


Born in 1982, Jamie Deacon lives close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England, and is a full-time author of young adult fiction featuring characters across the gender and sexuality spectrums. When not writing, Jamie loves to read, play board games, and solve cryptic crosswords.

Jamie’s debut novel, Caught Inside, was published by Beaten Track in 2016 to much acclaim, including two Rainbow Awards. It was also nominated for a Lambda Literary (Lammy) Award, a Bisexual Book Award, and a Next Generation Indie Book Award.

Connect with Jamie

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Going Down Easy, a sexy and unforgettable standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips is free for a limited time only! Don’t miss out! Read for free today!

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“Steamy, sexy and emotionally charged. Carly’s most erotic book to date.” J. Kenner, New York Times bestselling author
Going Down Easy, a sexy and unforgettable standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips is free for a limited time only!
Don’t miss out! Read for free today!
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Meet Kaden Barnes.
Alpha-licious in the most unexpected ways, Kaden Barnes always gets what he wants.
Enigmatic and exacting, he’s unable to keep an assistant for long. Until Lexie Parker arrives. She’s no-nonsense, efficient and all business… She’s also hot as sin and soon starring in Kaden’s dirtiest fantasies.
When their passion for each other reaches a boiling point, Kaden may think he’s calling the shots, but for this billionaire bad boy, going down easy has never felt so good.