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✮Surprise Release Blitz ✮ The Lies We Told by Jennah Dale✮


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Title: The Lies We Told

Author: Jennah Dale

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They can be easily told, but they’re also easily believed. 

To lie, you need to have a reason. 

But what if that reason was to cover something up that you shouldn’t be doing? 

I’ve been lying for twenty years, it comes easily to me now, but I have to stop before someone gets hurt. 

Two decades is far too long to hold on to someone.

I shouldn’t have anything to do with him, this is the same person whose heart I ripped out and at one point hated me.

We’re both married with kids, we have the whole white picket fence image. 

But for us, it’s not enough. 

Somehow, we always end up finding our way back to each other.

Lying is the only way we can get what we want and satisfy the need that lies within us.

We need that passion and connection we once shared. 

Only now, it’s time for the lies to end. 

It’s time to say goodbye and walk away!

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~Cover Reveal ~ The Death of Me by Jennah Dale~


thumbnail_The Death of Me Ebook Cover

Title: The Death of Me

Author: Jennah Dale

Genre: Romantic suspense


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All I ever wanted was to get out of Brooklyn and make something of myself. I had no intentions of being another statistic after losing my best friend the way I did as a teenager.

With no parents around to help in guiding me to make my way in the world, I had to do it myself. Only now I have my degree.

I’m an English teacher at Odyssey High, but am I willing to risk everything I’ve worked so hard for for the one girl I shouldn’t want, yet can’t keep away from!?

Could Meghan Harrison, my student, just be the death of me and my career?



At seventeen, being ripped from your hometown to halfway across the country before your senior year of high school is enough to make any teenager hate the world. Imagine my surprise when it happens to me and I find myself in New York and a new school.

While exploring my new city, I discover more than just new sights, unexpectedly, it brings Rebel Mcguire into my life. There’s just one problem, he happens to be my new English teacher.

Do we do the right thing and stay away from each other or do we give in to our desires and cause the ultimate carnage along the way? Either way, we may just be the death of each other.

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★Release Blitz ★ Face Off by Sienna Grant & Jennah Dale★



Title: Face Off

Author: Sienna Grant & Jennah Dale

Genre: Romcom / Enemies to lovers romance




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Harper Davies was once the bane of my existence, so what happens when she shows up to work for me? 

I make her life a living hell. 

She always thought she was better than me when we were at school, well now the shoe is on the other foot. 

I’m worldwide phenomena, now she has to bow to my every whim. 

Facing off against her should be easy…

After being absent from my life for six years, getting her out of my life should be a piece of cake. 

I’ve always thought of Harper as an enemy, but what happens when the lines start to blur? 

Do I allow her into my life, or do I get rid of her once and for all?



Scott Hayes… the boy who would never look at me twice in school, and the one I was never good enough for… but he wouldn’t break me.

Fast forward six years and stuck doing boring agency work; only I could be unlucky enough to be sent to work for my arch nemesis.

Yet from the first day of being back in his company, he still knows how to push my buttons. Little does he know, I’m about to play him at his own little game… 

Although every time I’m near him, and every time I fight him, I feel like I’ve been hit by a wrecking ball.

Will Scott Hayes ever love me? Or do I walk away while my heart and pride is still intact.




Sienna Grant is a British writer from the West Midlands in the UK, who decided to step into the world of writing and has since never looked back.

She started her journey with contemporary romance as she loves a happy ever after but has since sampled different genres and has pushed every boundary she has set herself. From contemporary romance to suspense, teen and young adult but also stepping into the darker world of Mafia and women’s fiction.

When she’s not writing, she’s a wife and mother to three children. Two of which are now grown up and starting their own lives.

Sienna loves to read most romance when she can, but always with a hint of realism.


Jennah Thornhill is a mother of two, who lives in a town called Stoke-on-Trent, with her two kids Mollie, and her little ginger critter Noah.

She’s had a lot of ups and downs in the past three years, going from a full-time mother and hard worker, to fainting at work one day and ending up in hospital.

After tests confirmed her as having IIH, she was unable to return to work. She now manages her time between coping with her illness and being a loving mother and writer.

When she’s not writing about her characters, being a mum or laid up in a hospital bed having meds, she spends her time reading or sleeping.






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